Friday, January 22, 2010

23 / Ubud

We are now in Ubud, Bali, at the Maya (luxury) Resort. This is a very different scene from Sanur Beach, which has much of the "scruffy beach town" ambiance that is reminiscent of the Santa Cruz past. And Ubud, a cultural and artistic center on Bali, is in "the country," not on the coast. We are surrounded by rice fields - when you can see them. Bali gives a whole new dimension to the term "strip commercial." On the roughly thirty-mile trip from Sanur Beach to Ubud there was not even one space along the road that was not filled with some sort of development, largely commercial enterprises, from stone carvers to soft drink stands.

I'll try to put up a luxury resort picture or two when I can. Right now, the "business center" internet access doesn't quite let me do it.

It's not "You-Bud," either, as a very polite Indonesian made clear. The correct pronunciation is close to "oooh-bood."

Now you know!

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