Sunday, January 17, 2010

17 / Traveling On

By my reckoning, this should be the 17th. My Hawaiian vacation with full family participation ended yesterday ("yesterday" being the 16th of January, according to Hawaiian time). My wife and I left for Japan by an early morning flight on the 16th, and while it was a relatively long flight (eight hours), it was not so long that it should already have been "tomorrow" when we landed. But so it was (across the dateline). What date will be reported when this post goes up? My iPhone now tells me that it's the 18th here!

It's cold in Japan, so maybe it's not too bad that we will only be here briefly. After Japan, it's Bali, where extraordinary reefs may soon be lost to the ocean acidification associated with global warming.

On my "around the world" travels I am hoping to see parts of the Natural World I've never seen before. And different examples of our human-created realities, too. Today (that's Monday the 18th) I'm planning to ride the Japanese High Speed Rail train, on the Tokyo to Osaka line.

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