Friday, January 1, 2010

1 / A New Year

"The modern concept of revolution, inextricably bound up with the notion that the course of history suddenly begins anew, that an entirely new story, a story never known or told before, is about to unfold, was unknown prior to the two great revolutions at the end of the eighteenth century ... Crucial ... to any understanding of revolutions in the modern age is that the idea of freedom and the experience of a new beginning should coincide."

--Hannah Arendt, On Revolution

These are appropriate thoughts to ponder, as we begin a New Year. We are free to change - at least our own lives - which means that this New Year can be, for us, the beginning of an entirely new story, a story "never known or told before."

I would like to wish for all of us that we think, freely, of what new story we want to tell; of what story we want to be told of us, and of the lives we choose to lead at this time, at this moment, and as we begin this New Year.

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