Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 / Two Worlds

I was an elected official for twenty years, as a member of the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, and I deeply believe that we do in fact live, as Bob Dylan has claimed, in a “political world.” Nothing is impossible in this world of ours, because the laws that govern it are the laws we chose to write ourselves. We determine, by our political decisions, how best to resolve the conflicts and controversy, and debate and discussion, that are the very stuff of our political life.

But while we most immediately live in a “political world” of our own creation, we are ultimately dependent upon the world of Nature. And the world of Nature is a world that we did not create. In the world of Nature, the laws that apply are “natural laws,” and we violate them at our peril. As an environmental attorney, I am working to ensure that our human actions respect the laws of the world of Nature upon which all life depends.

The title of this blog makes reference to El Libro de los Abrazos (The Book of Embraces) by Eduardo Galeano. It's a great book; best in the original Spanish.

And 365? This makes reference to a promise to myself, to develop the daily discipline of reflecting upon the two worlds that we call home.

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